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Delicious Fijian Food & Fun Vacation Activities

Experience Local Cuisine

The Lovo feast is the highlight of the Fiji experience for many of our guests. This traditional feast is prepared during the day, and you can watch and even participate if you like.  As is the tradition, meat, chicken, and vegetables are wrapped in leaves and cooked over hot stones. The Lovo feast is US$55 pp.


Kayak the waters of the Qaloqalo River past mangrove forests to the beautiful Salt Lake, which covers about 100 acres. This lake is known as the ancestral home of Dakuwage, the Sea God.  It is filled by the ocean tides and makes a great place for kayaking and fishing.  Complimentary kayaks are provided.


It's no wonder Jean Michel Cousteau named Fiji - Soft Coral Capital of the World.   Among the many world class diving sites here, Somosomo Strait's Rainbow Reef, the Great White Wall are among those closer to shore.   On your booking and request for a diving excursion, we will make all arrangements for the trip.


Snorkeling is a good way to explore Benau Lagoon, local reef, and the Qaloqalo River passage.  Reef sharks, dolphins, and turtles are just a few of the majestic creatures you're sure to see among both soft and hard corals.  Schools of colorful fish are frequent sightings as well in the warm turquoise waters of our tropical paradise.

We recommend that you bring your own reef shoes and snorkeling gear.

Boat rentals are available with licensed boat master for outings, snorkeling and fishing.


The waterfall is located within a Fijian village and permission has to be obtained for access.  The fall is beautiful; its fresh water is clear and extremely refreshing especially after a day in the ocean salt water.  The Lodge's manager guides the tour to seek permission from the chief of the village.


You'll find many opportunities for a lovely walk, though the favorite is perhaps the walk to Natewa Bay. This is about a one- hour walk along a quiet dirt road. Along the way you'll pass coconut plantations and tropical bushes.  At the bay, you can snorkel from shore, enjoy a picnic, or fish along the reef at low tides and of course take in the beautiful scenery.

A complete list of activities and costs is published at the Lodge for guests' perusal.

Natewa Bay Spinner Dolphin Trip

Natewa Bay is the largest in the South Pacific, and it houses two pods of spinner dolphins.  Come enjoy the beauty, have a picnic, or go remote snorkeling.  Dolphin and scuba diving tours may be arranged  by management.

Village Visits & Church Services

Our local community is made up of Gilbertese, Banaban, Indian, and Fijian people. You'll find welcoming church services here where you can enjoy the wonderful singing, and meet congregation members who are noted for their friendliness.  Here you will learn more about the culture and get the feel for the rhythm of Fijian life.

Man Holding Fish Playing in Water Beautiful Waterfall