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Relax With Reef & Lake Fishing

Come enjoy the fisherman's dream at Salt Lake Lodge where there is all-tide access to both Salt Lake and the Koro Sea, with the river entrance and Benau Lagoon just minutes away.  Anglers can enjoy trolling, popping, and bottom fishing while fly fishermen will love testing their skills at the lake.  You can even kayak to the lake and fish from the pontoon at the mouth of the lake, which is best in the early morning or evening at high tides.  Mangrove jacks, trevally, and barracuda are plentiful here.  In the Koro Sea you can find sailfish, yellow fin tuna, red snapper and reef fish and countless other species.

Charter deep sea fishing is available.

Boat rental with licensed boat master is also available for fishing, snorkeling and general outings.